Dutchess Dior

Hey all I’m Dutchess Dior. I’m naturally submissive and have always desired to submit to powerful men. I was a live in slave for over 2 years and learned a lot from my Master. He taught me how to respect him as a superior, tend to his every need, and know my place as a slave. He made me into the woman I am today. Even though I am submissive, I love exploring different fetishes. I am always up for anything. No taboos, no limits here. I like to keep an open mind with things. People often say I am a free spirit and never judge anyone for who they are or what they like.

I enjoy hearing a person cum over the phone as their entire body completely relaxes and all stress is relieved. The whole topic of sex is a complete turn on for me to discuss and I enjoy exploring everything about it. During a phone sex call my mind always runs freely as I am very creative and have an imagination out of this world. I make sure to be very descriptive when I explain every touch, feeling, and emotion. I find phone sex to be a very erotic experience.  Sometimes people don’t understand that words and the tone of a persons voice, can make someone cum just as easily as having sex.

So, make sure to call me, Dutchess, the submissive for a call you will never forget. I will listen to all of your wants, needs, desires and make sure you are always satisfied. If you’re not interested in phone sex, I can also be someone who you can tell your problems to and offer advice. I am a great listener and enjoy talking to people about anything. So if you’re looking for a sultry girl who will do anything and everything to make you cum, or just need a girl to chat with about your day, call me and you won’t be disappointed. Call me at 888-876-3818 ext 100 for $2/minute with a 10 minute minimum.

My Specialties Are:

– Submissive/Slave
– Anything Goes
– Small penis humiliation
– Girlfriend Experience
– Sensual Domination
– Exploring Fetishes
– and more

I also sell my erotic mp3’s on my website detailing my 2 years as a live in slave. I also do custom mp3’s. Contact me at dutchessdiors@gmail.com for pricing.